Quotes I have had the privilege of coaching J.R. and recruiting him to the US to play a game he truly loves and has a passion for. His passion led us to a 31-2 record. Numerous records were established in a storied Junior College program dating back 100 years and his leadership was a big reason for all of that teams success. I have children that play and love the game of basketball and if they were closer to J.R. I would surely get them the experience of being a part of his camps. They looked up to him and he is very good with young people as I witnessed when he helped us with our camps. He has a persona that will transfer to your son or daughter and help generate a greater love for the game. Success breeds success and being around positive uplifting people, and especially having them lead, can only be an enhancing experience. I highly encourage anyone to enroll their children in these camps. Knowing J.R. he will make it a great experience and well worth the time and investment. Quotes
Craig Irwin
"Former NDSCS Men's Basketball Coach and former coach of J.R.

Quotes Still looking for more Basketball ? Again this year we were so very fortunate to have JR Patrick join our coaching staff. JR has always gone out of his way to make himself available for ESC. He is now running his own basketball camps and he still makes it a priority to work with the kids at our camp. His commitment to our camps and his own programs supporting the development of youth in basketball epitomizes the true team spirit ?much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets credit?. It is my sincere wish that he can continue his association with Edmonton Sports Camps as they move forward. If you cannot attend one of our camps we strongly endorse JR Patrick's Basketball programing. You will find a link (RIGHT HAND SIDE) to his web site on our web page Quotes
Jim Skillings
Teacher / Coach/Camp Coach at Edmonton Sports Camps

Quotes I had the rare opportunity to work with JR while serving as an assistant coach with the Edmonton Energy pro-basketball team. JR was a true professional in every aspect of his approach to the game from his work ethic in practice to his compete level in games. With out a doubt JR can help players to understand the passion and desire needed to compete to the highest levels of their potential Quotes
Todd Warnick
Former Edmonton Energy Assistant Coach